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Default Social Destruction of Europe

Islam Is the Symptom, Cultural Marxism the Disease

On my Facebook page*Save the West, a supporter posted this:*ANALLY RAPED A DYING WOMANOR: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE FROM A FAILED CULTURE MASS-MIGRATE TO A VERY CIVILISED CULTURE (WITH ALREADY FOR YEARS TOP SCORES IN THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORTS)*>>> In Sweden Somali immigrant Abdi Hakim Ali is a prime example of what happens when it does go off. He first raped and sodomized a drunk woman as she slept. Weeks later he anally raped a dying woman who overdosed on drugs. Even after she perished in the midst of his attack. The vermin carried on raping her corpse.

It was followed by the link to the article that prompted his comment,Somali Immigrant Who Anally Raped Dead Body To Be Deported From Sweden.I shared this post on the Facebook page of my party*Liberty GB, with a variation:ANALLY RAPED A DYING WOMANOR: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE FROM A FAILED CULTURE MASS-MIGRATE TO A CIVILISED (BUT WITH A SERIOUS DRINKING AND DRUGS PROBLEM) SOCIETYWe have to realise one thing here: Western societies are always, rightly, contrasted with Islamic ones in terms of civilisation and progress. But we should stop idealising ourselves. If our own societies were not in serious trouble after decades of Leftist ideological rule, we wouldn't have any problems of Islamisation in the first place, because Muslims would not have been allowed to immigrate here in huge numbers and impose their ways on us rather than accepting to change in order to integrate.*They cannot change without stopping being Muslim, of course. And there lies the problem. Why don't our ruling elites realise the obvious reality of what Islam is - after all, you just have to read the Quran and other Islamic scriptures, along with their many commentaries by experts like Robert Spencer and several others, whose criticisms of Islam very closely correspond to what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears, rather than clamorously clashing with them as those of Islam apologists do?The answer to this question is in the paragraph I wrote just above the one containing the question: "decades of Leftist ideological rule".The Left, putting into practice - in some cases knowingly, in others not -*Cultural Marxism with its theory of cultural hegemony developed by Italian Communist Party's co-founder Antonio Gramsci, has managed to make a socialist revolution without blood spilling - until now at least.

It has used culture, rather than the storming of palaces, to impose its ideas on a vast mass of people who for 50-60 years have been watching the TV channels it controls, reading the papers it dominates, seeing the films that the liberal Hollywood produces, learning in schools and universities totally imbued with its ideology.The results can be seen in the story reported at the top of this article:He [a Somali Muslim] first raped and sodomized a drunk woman as she slept. Weeks later he anally raped a dying woman who overdosed on drugs.Here we have the double effect of the Left's dominion on Western societies.*On one hand, great numbers of uncontrolled, unrestricted, often illegal immigrants from the most socially backward parts of the world - which are usually Muslim - are allowed into our countries bringing with them their unchecked and unrefined mores, without even an attempt on our part to make them adapt, since we must "celebrate diversity". After all, the Left thinks that we owe them, due to our - according to the Marxist revision of history - terribly imperialist past, and anyway simply because they are poor and we are - relatively - rich.On the other, the idea that there is something more important in life than self-gratification, the ethical thinking that derives from the West's historical Christian roots, has been gradually abandoned, along with Christianity itself. "Religion is the opium of the people" was one of the greatest of Karl Marx's dogmas. Another was: morality is bourgeois, is another form of the capitalist class's oppression of the proletariat.*Make no mistakes. The terms and expressions used today may be different - after all, fashions change, language evolves -, but the ideas are exactly the same. Marx and Engels wanted the destruction of the family and thought that children should be reared communally. They both hated the family just as much as private property.The family is patriarchal, is a capitalist institution, they believed. Much like the feminists of our modern times, who are in many ways heirs (or heiresses) to Marxism.The Left is ideologically and historically anti-Christian, rejects the idea that sexual life is within the ethical sphere - "it's only love" -, and is lax in its morality and self-discipline.The epidemics of alcohol and drugs abuse, obesity, shopaholism and indebtedness, welfare dependency, fatherlessness, sexually-transmitted diseases, and many more malaises of our societies derive from the same cause: the erosion of Christian values and the triumph of Leftist doctrines.While more and more people seem to realise the former disastrous effect of the Left's control over Western countries - multiculturalism -, unfortunately not nearly as many understand the latter, no less tragic, effect - abandonment of Christianity with its non-self-centred worldview.When I shared the post about the Somali rapist on Liberty GB's Facebook page, it got many comments, all invariably remarking on the "Muslim immigrant rapes Swedish women" aspect of the story, but not even one observing the fact that a woman was so drunken that she didn't even notice - she is described as asleep -, and the other was dying of a drugs overdose. And this despite my purposeful editing of the post with the addition of "a civilised (but with a serious drinking and drugs problem) society" in reference to Sweden,*aimed at alerting to these very serious phenomena.One of the ways, although by no means the only one, in which the neo-Marxist indoctrination of the masses has taken place is through such a*distorted caricature of Christianity and its history that it makes them unrecognisable, and it would be funny were it not tragic.Witness this interview with my fellow member of the Liberty GB party Jack Bucky, in which*the interviewer claims that Catholics used to hang homosexuals*(right at the end).He's not to be blamed. He's just rehashing the kind of myths he must have heard innumerable times.*Photo of Muslim immigrants in London courtesy of the websiteBritain Gallery


Obama's Slaughter of Christians in Syria!

My God…..unspeakable atrocities committed against Syrian Christians – UPDATED

Before I begin, the photo below is extremely disturbing.* This photo is not suitable for children at all, nor those with sensitive consciences.* I found it extremely disturbing.I have blogged about the ongoing and worsening plight of Christians in the Mideast many times.* It is an unbearable fact that our government has been backing forces in the Mideast which have been, and continue to, engage in a nightmarish persecution of Christians. The Obama administration, no stranger to persecuting Christians, drove Mubarak out of Egypt and helped usher the radical Muslim Brotherhood into power.* Attacks against Egyptian Christians have escalated terribly since these radical islamists came into power.In Iraq, the idiotic US war to try to install a liberal democracy in a place where none has ever existed, amongst the most illiberal people in the world, instead engendered a huge increase in radicalism islamism and the brutal persecution of the ancient Christian (specifically, Catholic) minority.* 3/4 or more of Iraqi Christians had to flee the onslaught of violence they were subjected to as a result.And in Syria, home to the oldest Christian population in the world, Christians are being told by the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” really nothing but a puppet of Saudi wahhabist terrorists and the increasingly radical Turkish regime, that*they may either convert, leave, or die.* Hundreds of thousands of Christians have already driven from Iraq, are now being subjected to new tortures, while Syria’s 2.5 million Christians are fleeing to Lebanon in droves.* They will soon run out of places to run to, at least in the Mideast, and the great islamist purging of Christians -aided and abetted by our government – will be complete.I found the photo below on the Pertinacious Papist blog, accompanied by the following text:A Chaldean Catholic in our community sent this image along with an email.* The image carried the caption:“POOR* CHRISTIANS….. “UNFORTUNATELY OUR WESTERN MEDIAS NEVER MENTION* THE SUFFERING OF THE CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA …* WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION. PLEASE SEND THIS MESSAGE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES”In the email, the Chaldean correspondent wrote:“Atrocities that the Muslim terrorists are committing in Syria. We have too help the Syrians and especially the Christians who are being slaughtered by these atrociously wicked terrorists. My heart is crying for what is taking place in Syria and unfortunately instead of the West taking action they sit idle and allow Syria to disintegrate and the Syrians be butchered.”

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