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Default Re: The best instant messenger?

Dreak wrote:
What is your platform ?

Beware that instant messenger prog can be used to back-door your machine when you are online.
are you talking about the "service" of Intant messenger..or the program ?

EVERYONE should have the "service" of IM disabled ! cough..along with a couple others ( if running XP )

Why I don't trust instant messenger...

Instant Messenger Security: Securing Against the Threat of Instant Messengers

t is expected that as many as 300 million people use Instant Messaging (IM) products. Organizations are facing two problems with IM services; adoption has been driven by the end user and not by management, and the client applications were initially built for home users not businesses consequently they emphasise functionality over security. Thus, almost through the back door IM has entered into the corporate world creating yet another layer of security concern. Unsecured IM client installations are placing enterprise systems at risk to hackers, viruses, worms, Trojans, legal liability and violation of privacy laws.
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