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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911

BlueAngel wrote:
It's a simple question?

Were there any passenger bodies discovered on the two tower jets, the pentagon jet or the Pennsylvania jet?

Were there any body parts that were identified. What about Olsen?

Simple question.

If we get an answer to that, we can go from there.
Interestingly enough, every one (American) on all alledged hijacked aircraft have never reappeared.

Did see on internet after 911, a story showing photos of certain members of alledged hijackers STILL ALIVE saying their identities were stolen?

That leaves the question, Who hijacked the aircraft?

Eye witnesses to the events at the Pentagon, that happened to be driving past said they saw the airliner fly past the Pentagon building, and another flying object described as sounding like a missle hitting the Pentagon directly???

Witnesses a a facility near the Pentagon said that they saw via CCTV, replayed the event and were shocked at what they saw...the impression from what they saw scared them that much they refused to say what they say...however it seemed different to the official story given out. Co-incidentally, the same eye witnesses stated that within minues of the Pentagon event, official agents arrived and confiscated all CCTV footage.
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