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Default Surely nothing good could come out of Glasgow?

Surely nothing good could come out of Glasgow?

Is your life no better than a human mole in a hole? or a slave until the grave?. Mankind is finished, it is over. It is because of your inaction to stop the satanic criminal elite. Selfish skeptics who protect the false jews and brainless donkeys who work for them can leave this page now, you are not worth saving. The false jews control you and they feed you THEIR news and views and you believe them. Their dubious holocaust card is minor compared to the North American Indian Holocaust. God gave you the Internet and all you did was find all the selfish bits for you, you, you. Like I say, it is over. Only God can save us (fact).

I have a warning to all the pedophile controllers of satan's secret societies. Ye have again raised your persecution of me using your masonic puppets. Ye have made it crystal clear that you have no intention of stopping your worship of satan/luci the poof. I am asking you to Repent before the 29th April 2014. This is the 119th day of the year and is associated to Psalm 119, God's Word, Law and blueprint for his Children. The false jews worship their false god satan/luci and I have previously told you they tried to change Psalm 119 into satan/luci's law (ha ha ha).

This date 29th April is also our Son's birthday, he would have been 33 years old. He was murdered by the false jew's army, the freemasons. I previously told you we will not get human justice. Do not think this is about our grief or about us, it is part of the battle between good and evil. The false jews have systematically destroyed your belief in the One true God of the Bible. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is knocking on your door. God will know if you repented or if you have rejected His offer of eternal life. O' I have seen the luci lovers (masonic police) in the ambulance helicopter together mocking me, I will remind them individually. These rabid dogs are guaranteed the second death.

This deranged satanic collective (freemasonry) has destroyed/altered everyone's life and continues to do so today. If satan is perceived good, why the incessant evil and misery heaped upon mankind?. Why do ye good people sit and take it?. Your church must have a weekly prayer time and God will give your church power. I walk our dog and say my personal prayers to God the Father. When I am in the Kirk, I listen. I foretold you that change is imminent. Here is my prophesy, ye shall all now prophesy. Turn off satan's noise and tune in to Jesus, He is alive, He is among you, Jesus loves "You".

Dear friends, I feel strongly compelled to inform you that today the 27th Feb 2014 I have started a free Christian group. It is for genuine Christians who understand how evil and corruption destroy everything. We shall debate solutions on how to stop it. I have thousands of branches (ideas). I shall call it "Save Christianity". Are there any Christian Soldiers out there? (3rd request). You know that satan's worms are working 24/7 to destroy the name of Jesus Christ. I do not know of any other transparent person or group who are fighting for Jesus. I have seen lots of false groups that are controlled by satan's army. This is not about me, it's about us. Each of us have a role to play as part of God's plan for us.

I will not ask you to risk anything. I am not asking you to do anything illegal. I will not put your name on any list, you can remain anonymous. I will not be a burden to the Kirk. I can promise transparency to all members. Do not worry about anything. I think of the Holy Spirit as my invisible big brother who protects and guides me, you should think the same. This is your personal invitation to "Save Christianity". I will not invite those with a cold heart (pretend Christians).

Remember that God knows everything, I used to think my mistakes were human mistakes. Father knew what He was doing, Father does not make mistakes. Think of satan as Gollum in the movie LOTR, it makes him sick to see us worship the One and only God of the Beautiful Bible. The regular electrical anomalies in the Kirk are by satan himself, he really hates to see Christian progress. If I told you this 2 years ago, you would have ridiculed me (as you did). I get other good electrical anomalies by the Holy Spirit, especially when the masonic Perps cars suddenly cut out in the middle of the road or their car accelerates uncontrollably. Even the prince of the power of the air (came down in Glasgow) will not take a warning. In days long gone, God had sown deep seeds of distrust among the rich controlling families who have always worshipped false gods. I have watered those seeds. Remain humble and rejoice, greater things are still to come.

Save Christianity is for free, do nothing and satan wins. Remember that God will know you by your fruit. Yes I am human and you can talk to me, stop helping the serpent by your silence. Do not talk to me in front of the Nicolatians (candy and lilith, etc) in the Kirk. We can walk and talk or I can meet you in the Kirk or my home or yours. Alternatively you can give me your name in a sealed envelope and I/we will keep you informed of our progress. I will help start this group and be part of it but understand that I may have to quickly change my duties. I can only follow guidance. There is much to be done and this includes you. Jesus we enthrone you.

Welcome to the True church of Jesus Christ (part 7). Today is JC's 59th birthday. Love, peace and FR3DOM. Joseph Stirling Christie XXXXXXX

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