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Default Re: Fee Fi Fo Fum... I smell me some shitty bum

I agree with Mary. Going to the movies can be "Risky Business" for youngsters. The scenes, the subject matter, the violence, the messages, all with an AGENDA!!

I had a difficult time with many movies that were released in the past couple of years such as "The Butterfly Effect."

This had a theory, as far as I'm concerned, involving mind control. Change one thing and it changes everything else. One of their tactics used on victims when implanting "false" memories and also as far as the disinformation they release to the public regarding issues such as we are experiencing now with the Plame leak and the bombings in Britian.

There was a movie, can't remember the name, with the dude from "The Gong Show." Apparently he was some sort of a CIA operative. Couldn't watch that.

Many hidden meanings and messages in Hollywood Production for mind control victims.

Afterall, I would think that they own Hollywood as well.

How else can they advance their agenda as they have if they weren't in control of what we see, taste, hear, smell and touch.

If they affect our senses, they've affected our thoughts our beings.
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