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Default Re: Rituals of Freemasonry-Worship of Lucifer/Satan part 1 of 5.

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Then list these 5%. Plus I'd like to point out that I belong to a group that less than 1% of all Masons worldwide belong to...and no, there is no Lucifer or Devil worship.

You didn't post anything from writings that were "kept secret". You posted from openly published books. You should also know that the book you're mistaking from Hall was written decades before he ever joined the Masons.

Doesn't happen.


Who said this?

No we didn't, but thanks for playing.

No we don't. There is no worshiping in Freemasonry.

Actually Lucifer was only a disgraced Babylonian king (Isaiah 14:4).

Where does he praise? He's pointing out the irony that a name referring to "bearing light" is aligned with the Prince of Darkness. Where does he say that Freemasons praise or worship him?

Light is an allegory for knowledge. Masons seek further light in regards to Freemasonry.

You shouldn't assume nor make opinions based on assumptions.

No we're not. Freemasonry allows men of various faiths to join. To the point though, there's nothing in Freemasonry that contradicts one's faith...even for Christians.

What is horrible is your are taking quotes out of context and twisting information. You are the worst sort, ones who lie to deceive others into believing your agenda is righteous when it is the complete opposite. Anti-Masons are nothing, but fascists and extremists. You really don't understand Freemasonry nor the intent of "Morals & Dogma".

Nowhere does Pike say this.

No he doesn't.

Freemasonry is not a religion. "Deus Meumque Jus" is not Satanic. It's often thought to translate as "God and my right", but it should be seen to literally translate as "God and my righteousness" or "God and my morals". Nothing about this is not Satanic.

The problem with anti-Masons is they apply their ignorant assumptions and opinions as if they were really ours, when in fact they are not and often the complete opposite. Anti-Masons like to project and use illogical fallacies. This thread a is a whole soup of illogical fallacies.

Also found in the Bible.

Can you please cite from our ritual? Please cite where Baphomet or any of these "Infernal Names" come into play in the ritual of Freeamsonry?

How was he the "foremost Freemason of all time"? He dropped himself from the Lodge a few months after he was initiated.

No, just in the Scottish Rite. It is not superior to the Lodge or any other body.

Then why do you only list one group who uses a pentagram?

Men can join as well.

Except it has only been utilized in recent years as a "Satanic" symbol. The star is a very Christian symbol.

The Eastern Star doesn't do this.

Again, applying one's ignorant views as someone elses.

FYI, you can spell "JESUS" in the streets of DC as well. And no, there is no pentagram made by the streets as not all the streets exist to create a pentagram. Religious extremists are the worst cancer on this planet and an abomination, and insult to their supposed faith.
Blah Blah ha ha, got plenty more for you to decipher and discredit.
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