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Default Re: 911 File: Demolition Squibs on the WTC Towers & Bldg 7

Originally Posted by Amanda
Dali kept company with the cabal/illuminati/whatever of the day, just as George Orwell had.

George Orwell

Astute observation Amanda (if yr name is Amanda, and yr not some fat guy in Poughkeepsie who signs himself Amanda!)

Orwell was a product of the British public school system and is said to have been a nice guy, not withstanding his role at judicial hangings during the British occupation of Burma, he was however a hack writer, and just as the Greenberg studio presents truth disguised as fiction in the matter of 911.

As well as various other alleged massacres including Columbine School, VA Tech, the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook, so was Orwell importuned to produce 1984 by publishers with a Zionist agenda.

Just as those outrages were presaged in various Zionist sponsored television shows and movies, so was GO employed to produce a pseudo political tome, whose narrative would mirror subsequent events!
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