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Default Re: The Arab Spring in Ukraine

FEBRUARY 17, 2013

The orders for the Russian-made S-400 air defence missile system is full until 2020 to 2021

Countries interested to purchase the Russian-made air defense missile system*S-400*are ready to wait for delivery until 2021, announced Wednesday, 13 February, 2013, in Moscow, the CEO of the Russian State Agency of arms export, Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Issa´kine."The queue of countries wishing to acquire systems*S-400*extends until 2020 to 2021," he sai to the reporters.Mr. Issa´kine indicated also that Russia was conducting negotiations with ten countries over the delivery of combat training aircraft*Yak-130."Negotiations are also underway with six countries for the delivery of submarine equipped with air independent propulsion (AIP)," said the head of Rosoboronexport.According to him, many countries want to buy Russian helicopters, including the Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-35 and Mi-28N nicknamed "night hunters".The*S-400 Triumph*(NATO code SA-21 Growler) is a long range surface-to-air missile systems produced by Almaz-Antey. The S-400 Trumph is intended to engage, ECM, radar-picket, director area, reconnaissance, strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and theatre ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and other current and future air attack assets at a maximum range of 400 km, and a altitude of up to 30 km.*The*S-400*air defense missile system can simultaneously engage 36 targets.

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