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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911

There is NO mystery to the Pentagon crash.

Based purely on the well known photo showing the Pentagon wall before it collapsed...assuming it is authentic...a medium sized passenger aircraft weighing 70 tons did not hit it.


I was not there. The photo and the ridiculous eye witness accounts is all you can go on.

Go here for Dave McGowans debunking of the many Rivero claims...

That famous photo shows a hole...but we would expect at least 2 more where the engines hit (the densest part of the aircraft) and what about a disfigured hole from the dense wing root assemblies?

We have a single hole punching it's way through 5 rings of the Pentagon. If its one engine, where is the other hole? Even if it did'nt manage to punch through all 5 we would see at least 1 or 2 of the rings punctured by the other engine. Where is the other hole made by a dense aircraft engine hitting the masonary wall of the Pentagon at 400k?

That hole looks suspiciously like the hole produced by the nosecap of a ALCM...made of DU...designed to allow penetration of an object to allow a warhead to explode inside. In fact there were reports of a "nose cap" being found inside. Does anyone believe the radar dome on the front of a 757 could remain intact through 5 rings?

This is simple logic.

Witnesses sitting 20-30ft away watching a 70+ton object travelling at 400k+ go overhead? Are you serious? They would be dead. Simple.

Go to the Indy 500...those cars are moving at imagine a 70-80 ton object moving at 3 times that speed over your head...get the picture?

It was most likely a ALCM done up to look "similar" to a twin engined airliner. They speak of doing up a drone to look like passenger aircraft in the Northwoods document.

Adolph Hitler..."the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it".

I started looking into the Pentagon crash midway through 2002...i had heard people speak of NO airliner hitting it and had rubbed them off as getting taken in by a distraction. After could they get away with it?..."the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it".

The application of some simple logic combined with the available evidence shows a 757 did not hit the Pentagon.

The greatest mystery we face is how to convince our neighbours that powerful and rich individuals with the power of the state apparatus behind them, might want to lie and cheat and kill and maim to remain rich and powerful? And that it is in our neighbours best interests to switch off "Desperate Housewives" and spend some energy seeking out the truth.

That to me is the greatest mystery. Convincing a confirmed sheeple that their very lives and that of their loved ones depends on them waking up.
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