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Exclamation Illiminati Control of Elections and Voter System EXPOSED

Voter System Take over. WHITEHOUSE DOWN. Illuminati Secret Elections Kontrol.

Feel free to use and format for Bette structure. I don't have time right now.
They tried to kill my father and ruin my life to stop this from being exposed accomplices and illuminati in Canadian Government...

It's blatantly clear and obvious certain programs of the Canadian government have been established with duplicity against the Canadian people in violation against every principle of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms creating infiltrator loopholes to brand Canadian citizens outside the realms of any rights and protections entitled to them.* * This allows the infiltration of enemies against the democratic institutions to destroy the lives and self determination of all spectrums of Canadians citizens rich and poor to monopolies for the Bavarian illuminati seats of political office, financial holdings, private NGOs, public and private positions of influence.* The infiltration of the Canadian cabinet and legislative political offices has been heavily used to whipe out private citizens from public and private positions of influence and wealth for the purposes of filling these positions with those accomplice conspirators against the operations and functions of the sovereign state of Canada.* The infiltration of the Canadian government has been used as a major launching ground for infiltration against other democratic states hoping to displace free citizens with self determination from political and private positions of influence, wealth" and power with infiltrators undermining the natural continuity of the legislative functioning of democracies.*** The illuminati infiltration of the Canadian cabinet* and main internal security apparatus has been used in accomplice with illuminati infiltration of the United States, and other states. * * *The blatant illegal activities against many individuals and familie's, including mine, freedoms and protections is but one small example of the mass system established by infiltrators against many citizens being displaced from competing in a free and open political electoral system, competing freely in the private sector, and being forcibly removed from accomplishments in academics.* Those not aligned with the infiltration agenda of the NWO are being systematically removed while infiltrators send their Mind kontrolled slaves are being moved in.From any seat, office, business, and other positions public, or private deemed necessary to be occupied by accomplices to destroy Canadian sovereignty for ambitions of the New World Order illuminati agenda, including the genocide of the natural Canadian pluralistic dynamics and it's people.** *I believe currently the Prime Minister's office is playing a major role not only actively but through intentionally turning a blind eye to the utter obliteration of Canadian democracy, sovereignty, and citizenship.* And is probably responsible for continuing the logistics of migrating genocidal war criminals from around the world into Canadian territory under the many aliases of United Nations Refugee Program.* * The genocidal killers from around the world escaped pretending to be the victims and refugees through blending into the United Nation's Refugee Program with assistance of insiders, including I believe Butros Butros Galley. This is all part of the literal rigging of the destruction of Canadian society for soon to be determined date or trigger.This explains the invisible intervention of many elites, citizens, *and prospective individuals from being whipped out of the seats of influence and determination of Canadian society."Neural network"/ "Blue Beams" is really something more power and evil. *It involves Nazi technology that includes both hardware technology with real human intelligence (living mangled bodies built into the machine and I think is the reason a Canadian diplomats passed me info that the government is burying bodies under the streets, as some of you are aware) *implementation for telepathy, ear, and eyes under the guise of security and counterterrorism has been intensely implemented under lore and illusions to hijack the electoral system to manipulate the voting inclination whether through obvious methods, visual pressures, or much more discreet emotional triggers such as negative reinforcement or positive reinforcement for example anxiety, muscle spasms, elation or euphoria.* Mostly a combination of emotional inducements" and synthetic memory inducements, masquerading as last minute or prepared voting inducements.*** * This system also uses those the "skills" of specially planted "gifted persons" covert* mobilization around Canadian MP and MPP voting periods and migration to foreign democratic states during their democratic voting periods. Thus compromising the present electoral systems of western democracies and the elected politicians in Canada and else where.Thus the electoral results for sometime have been massaged for a natural look and feel and synthetic parliamentary representation.* This compromise was present in the Conservative party's favor, and I myself was in the most obvious and direct means made inclined to make my own voting decision through this electoral manipulation as most others unaware of such means.* The current Conservative government must be rigorously scrutinized for each and every legislation action and cabinet action as well as Prime Ministers activities for further implementation of illegal and infiltration activities in the Canadian legislation, government properties, government beauracracies, and private legislative frame work, among others including the internal security apparatus.

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