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Default Re: The Tip of an Iceberg of Child Murder and Snuff Porn @ Prison Planet

Take 2#

What the Hell is Going On, the picture of a young child in extreme distress is on the same Infowars page, that has a story featuring child murder & cannibalism, associated with Mexican "Drug Cartels" - Surely there is a subliminal message in there somewhere, so where the Hell is the FBI.
Infowars: Mexico: Knights Templar Drug Cartel Made Recruits Eat Children’s Hearts in Initiation Rite.
» Mexico: Knights Templar Drug Cartel Made Recruits Eat Children’s Hearts in Initiation Rite Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

When I see the same image of a young child in distress that has been on the Infowars boards for months, I wonder what the Hell is going on, whose hearts have been eaten and is hers one of them, who took the photograph and under what circumstances, and has the FBI made any effort to identify her!

These are questions the powers that be will be required to answer .. we know the US has been arming the drug cartels, as well we know their methods resemble in every way mercenary ops in Iraq for instance.

Blackwater Xe and its many subsidiaries are known to have been involved in the Iraq killings, while the beheadings in Mexico look like the work of Nepalese Gurkhas similarly known to be on the Blackwater payroll.

Editorial: Do not suppose the Blackwater ppl, and the ones in various US administrative positions who sponsor their activities on the one hand, and subvert their positions under US law on the other.

To investigate and to bring prosecution in response to the very same stories about heart eating, and drug cartels .. the ones who allow them to get away with it all, are just as guilty and just as liable to prosecution, then hangin'!
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