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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911

Mistake??? On purpose? If on purpose, why?

So now I'll ask you this.

Are we still going on the premise that four jets were hijacked?
Would'nt have a clue.

But I do know this. The effect of a commonly experience traumatic event produces brain chemicals that promote "bonding" with others. This is an instinctive response to the "naturally" dangerous world we used to inhabit.

People will unconsciously align their version of events with the most commonly held view...especially those a little weak minded. That is why getting INDEPENDANT people on the ground IMMEDIATELY after the event is so important to interview witnesses before the main stream propaganda machine commences telling people what they saw.

That is something the alternative media and people in general need to organise..."Flying Squads" of people around the planet who can get to a scene as soon as possible to get the INITIAL response from witnesses.

The STATE organised this little operation. They have massive resources at their disposal.

White is black, war is peace. They know the human mammals mind inside out.

As long as people are essentially child like and look to authority and the "collective" for their world view...we are in trouble.

Like a positive feedback mechanism, the desire to remain innocent and in denial of the many elephants in the living room produces greater and greater calamities on the sheep like masses...until finally, we get the just and rightous system of governence we deserve.

At the moment...this is the system we deserve.
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