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Default Re: Vale Mickey Rooney, September 23, 1920 April 6, 2014

Elvis Presley movies were at the same time, his debut role in the Western Classic Love Me Tender was his best performance, and just as EP's later movies which were choreographed by Hollywood panhandlers out to make a buck, destroyed his opportunity to be the world's best actor.

So was Mickey's remarkable talent wasted on second rate scripts and fourth rate movies, one particularly horrid affair began with him sitting on a train in his check suit, pulling all sorts of grotesque faces .. if he did it today he would be arrested .. then some great lookin' babe approaches and he tells her he is doing his eye exercises.

It was an insult to be presented with that sort of material, all kinds of ppl tell you all kinds of things most of that is bullsh*t as well, .. a cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon on 911, says it was an inside job.

Plenty of ppl decry the same evidence .. Mickey Rooney's movies were painful, his stage career dispelled and doubts anyone could have had about his enormous talent!

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