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Default Re: Fee Fi Fo Fum... I smell me some shitty bum

I admire Mary. She left and stayed left. I always leave and always come back. Only because I get told to.

Not all movies are mind control. Hollywood is a propaganda arm, no doubt.

The more blatent movies concern me....particularly those aimed at kids. The Elite will ALWAYS target the youth.

Movies such as "Spy Kids" and any others which glorify the Intelligence services and the armed forces.

I am CONVINCED Stephen Spinberg is a wholly owned and operated intelligence assett. ABSOLOUTLY CERTAIN.

There is a difference in the same class of person who is deeply indoctrinated into the system producing movies which mirror the same elite goals and "Spinberg" who is a direct employee.

George Lucas is one of the FEW who have fought tooth and nail to remain independant.
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