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Default Re: Fee Fi Fo Fum... I smell me some shitty bum

Regarding MAry's note on the movie about the race horse Zebra and the dogs penis.

I will be restarting my web site soon and posting doco's again. Goto Alex Jones's "Prison" and pay the 15c a day to get the presentation of the former FBI head of Los Angeles and his investigations into Satan worship and paedophilia.

In it he presents an excerpt from Alistair Crowly the Occultist and I believe fave of the Beatles.

In his book "Majic" he recounts how infants must be exposed to sexuality at the earliest possible age. He recounts the benefits of animal sacrifice and how the ultimate sacrifice is a blonde boy not yet seually active.

Here is a little lesson for you. Based on FIST HAND KNOWLEDGE...


They are a package deal. Find one you will find the other.

Get out and watch "Eyes Wide Shut" by Stanly Kubric. I have only just watched it. I have NO DOUBT he was murdered because of it.

This is a tame version of what they get up to.

As G.E.Griffon so eloquently states..."when a man has more money and power than he knows what to do with, what are his options?"

Or as Henry Makow puts it..."when you own the means of money production, what do you do for kiicks? Pack up the wife and kids and go to Disneyland?"
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