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Default Re: false argument against stem cell research

ALL scientists currently working are borderline, if not fully, sociopaths who believe that scientific progress must advance no matter the consequence.

The mantra of the Elite...the human race will serve science. Science will not serve the human race.

The science controlled by the Elite establishments...which is just about all of them.

I know many scientists. The best ones have all left and now eke out existences on the margins of society driving taxi's and working in the local betting houses helping to launder the local amphetamine dealers drug money.

What did the character of Jeff Goldblums say in the first "Jurassic Park"..."you scientists were so busy deciding if you could, you forgot to ask if you should".

I have spoken with a scientist with a pHD in Genetics and Molecular biology.

He has stated matter of factly that they intend gathering the DNA at birth (they already do) and from that DNA sequence assigning you a number which will be linked to an identity database and your soon to come "Multipass" card from which you will draw your slave credits.

All that is needed is a suitable economic collapse of the fiat money system and a few good bangs in the right places and we will be herded into the electronic gulag.

I believe there was a warning about that somewhere...hmmmm...cant quite remember...and no one shall buy and sell without the mark....or something like that.
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