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Default Re: Hello from the Snake....

I love Irving. He is a grumpy old bastard but always prepared to admit mistakes and research original documents.

I however, will be unlikely to see him here in Oz as he is BANNED! They will not give him a visa because he may "provoke social discord" with his's so obscene! of the arseholes behind his banning (Rodney Adler - part of the powerful Jewish lobby here) has been jailed for a few years because of his dodgy business dealings.

Suck eggs Adler!!!! You and that little Zionist arsehole "Diamond" Joe Gudnic!!!!


Dowloaded Dresden and printed out. Good read. The "establishment" had to put out a dodgy half assed attempt to counter the growing public knowledge of the murderous Allied bombing campaign of Germany. I've yet to read it but people have told me it is an absolout disgrace and a blatent attempt at damage control.

The evidence is OVERWHELMING. They targetted the center of Dresden, a cultural and artistic center out of pure malice.

Are you the Stone i had a go at over Rivero?

If you are then i am convinced he has his own agenda...however, he has done good work on exposing Bush and the Iraq war...hence my defence of him to some degree.

As time has gone on i dislike Rivero more and more and despite his supposed "Libertarian" values and his "conservative" agenda I note he is of the Left persuasion quite obviously given his comments and rhetoric...which leaves me wondering.
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