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Default Re: Anglican Church urges Boycott Of Israel

Given the increasing pressure that Israel is under to pull it's head in and the fact that being labelled "anti-semite" is fast becoming a badge of honour rather than an insult, I thought this article deserved a second look on the front page.

Iran is currently accusing Israel of direct involvement in the London bombings and elsewhere.

Now the Churches appear to be finding some testicles and realising they are losing youngsters to the greens and Communist/socialist movements because they refuse to speak out hard and long on issues involving social polititions telling the truth for a change.

Here in Oz the Churches have just worked out they better start challenging the uglier side of globalization quicksmart or consign themselves to oblivion.

The Oz P.M is currently trying to push through Industrial Relations reforms which will ensure the hard won conditions fought for so hard by working people are washed away. The Church is speaking out robustly.

About time you useless bunch of kiddie fiddlers and power "sucker upper'ers".

You have moved from totally irrellevent to "mostly irrellivent".

Another few years and some fire and brimstone pulput bashing of the bankers and polititions, and I will return post haste to the pew.

I do recall the bible specifically stating charging interest on loans a sin and "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to gain entry to heaven".

The kids who should be in Church learning of the evil vices of power and corruption of the Elites are instead down at the local Communist chapter or World Wide Socialist movement meeting.

You have been usurped fools! Make yourselves relevent by espousing the God given word of the funny guy with long hair and sandals who they nailed to a cross when he confronted the materialistic vices and unrestrained power of the Elites of the day.
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