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Default Re: The Movie

Okay . . . sablefish . . . can you provide a 2-3 page sample of script, adhering to a sample script that I gave you?

A few basic questions that require an answer befor I give you the sample . . .

1) Do you have Microsoft Word? Relevance - If not, I just have to put it in a different format for you to view.

2) Do you have any samples of creative writing? Although your posts are very well written, You will need to make a script that is dramatic . . . and even sometimes exaderated on certain aspects (I'd prefer these aspects to be not pertinent to the actual topic, but usually in the characters' personal behaviors and/or settings in which they are in. The historical facts I wish to remail unchanged, save for the names. I would like to make these characters as true to life as a 3 dimentional characature is meant to look.)

3) If you had the ability to take only three wrongs in this entire world that you can make right, what would they be? This is merely to see exactly what you will be focusing on so I can do whatever research I have to in order to make the visuals properly.

Anybody wish to represent the female Lead Writing position? Personally, I'd like to hear Mary and lynn's response to the exact same portion above. Both of you have impressed me with your knowledge, as well as your ability to 'sniff out the contraband' around the web.

I have a good feeling that this can turn out to be a great series . . .

One question I have to all the rest . . . would anyone object if I were to bring people over from another site which I moderate on to assist in the technical stuff? I have some really good people that would support this, reguardless of what they're beliefs are.

Admin . . . Thanks for emailing me back . . . I actually found it before you got back to me I do appreciate the lookout, especially on the eve of a holiday.

And . . . we're all of a common cloth here, peeps . . . I DO hope that we get this production off the ground. Does anyone have access to 3D Studio Max 4.0? Even if you don't know how to use it, I can be of assistance in getting you started and taking some of the work off of me. Like I said before . . . this is not going to be easy, and its going to take time, but I believe that this will be, in one form or another, a work of artistic, yet truthful cinema, that is dedicated to our respective higher power . . . no matter what name we call him by. God, Lord, Jehovah, Allah, or Jah . . . They are all names for the same creator . . . our creator. I'd like to make this in such a way that God Himself would nominate it for an emmy for the exposure of the demonic pigs that have come from the trough of Hell to feed on the Earthly grasses.

To end this I just want to let you all in on a bit of something.

I went to church today for the first time in years. Now I haven't been back to my church, which, incidentally is, Roman Catholic, in such a long time because of what happens between little boys and the Nambla-Card-Carrying-Priests. But I figured, what the hey. . . let me see if God wishes to speak with me.

And I PRAYED. I prayed hard, too. And i asked him, "God, if the reason you gave me this gift of 3D animation was other than to make a boatload of cash . . . please tell me. I should be making millions with the gift I have, according to anyone who actually sees my work . . . yet I find myself in a position where I work long hours, and I make barely enough to live on. Can I do this project with clubconspiracy to gain recognition I need to get a bit further ahead than I am now, as well as do your work at the same time? I mean I don't want to be selfish, but lets face the truth here . . . my little girl is going to want to go to college someday. And I don't wish to have her go through what I did . . . I'd like her to have it better than I had it. Can you point me in the direction that you wish me to go if not this?"

And immediately I felt joy. Not the type of joy you get from riding on a roller coaster, but the kind of joy you feel when, for just a moment, all the worries you have, and the wrongs that you have been done to you just seem to lift off of your chest and shoulders for a minute, and it seems to last forever.

I know that this community can, in fact do the work of God. I don't think that we'll be writing any new bible, but I'm sure he'd like us to inform those who wish to listen, and allow those who wish not to to exercise their free will and face the concequences late.

I don't jumop into any venture without looking . . . but this one is the exception. I want to actually give something back to God for a change. Its not like I've been bad, but I haven't exactly been good, either.

Thank everyone for being here, and Merry Christmas to all (even to the muslims and all the rest of the denominations here . . . Yeah, I know it's my holiday, but if there is any way I can share my joy with you, and make your day just a bit brighter than it is, I'd like to do that.)


P.S. - Sorry I keep going on so long with some of my topics . . . but you guys have been the only people I've felt free to speak to about these things. I feel better . . . and I know that I am no longer alone. Thanks again. DC

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