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Default Re: The best instant messenger?

Good article.

Can Windows Be Secured?

Yes, with FDisk. (Recommended) Otherwise, due to its encapsulated nature, the answer is a pointblank, no.
Ha ha ha ha ha...very funny coz it's true!

Now all this changed with the arrival of Windows XP. Its codename was 'whistler' and the next version of Windows is codenamed 'LongHorn'. I was interested in the reasoning behind the switch. I was thinking that these codenames could be based on one, or more, of the following points:

1. A play on the term 'whistleblower'?
2. A play on a reference to 'pinocheo'? (tells stories, reference to Long (Nose) and Horn (Whistle Blower) )
3. Horn, as in a form of 'early warning system' and Long because of its distributed nature?
Actually it's probably called that because of Microsofts pact with the devil...long horns or maybe "hook em horns" if ya know what I mean.

A Small Bit of Advice

Linux...Open Source...Free...No worries.
SORRY! BARP! Not so. I am very computer literate from the everday point of view. I dare anyone not familiar to Linux to get Mandrake Linux, join the club and then try to download and install...say...Flash Player for Linux...BARP! Unless you are familiar with command line forget it.

Linux as it stands is a joke. If you cant download and double click to install it's not worth a pinch.

Sure, it's small and fast with low system requirements but as far as usability is concerned? Forget it! Good for BASIC web surfing or e-mail and thats it!

I will admit however that i will eventually make the switch. I will be paying a geek to set it up for me PERFECTLY and then retain him on a Pizza and Coke retainer plus Star Trek re-runs option.

The French government is supposedly switching to MAndrake Linux...I hope they do and I hope they get it up to scratch.

Get a dual boot system with 2 drives. I had mine working well, switching between operating systems untill i could'nt view vids through Linux online and gave up in disgust.
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