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:-o What an hysterical reactionary bunch of rightwing trash I see before me!
I am called a thief and all kinds of other insults by righwing rednecks the kind President Bush would call is heartland constituents.
Yes Nth american cowboy trash point your guns spites and fists at me i look forward to defending myself in the flesh one day I am ashamed to be caucasian with fools like 789 and her ilk around.
Really i dont understand the point of this forum anymore. If you claim to be opposed to Globalisation of which the NWO is simply another label shouldnt you be opposed to Free trade not supporting it.
Your attitudes are completely contradictory and make no sense to me.You are the kind of people that whinge about U.S Imperial wars and having your industries and labour sold off to foreign second and third world nations yet display the kind of attitudes which get GWB in power and lead to the kind monopolies you claim to be opposed to.

Put simply your either opposed to Globalisation and its symptoms or Not which one is it you cant have it both ways.So either put up or shut up!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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