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Default Re: The Movie

Merry Christmas All and God Bless us, Everyone!

Darkchild. You are the man. Just like I told Gary Beals he was gonna make it when I went to my first "black" wedding... he made it. I hear him on the radio now.

I told my friend Jin-Hee from Korea she'd make it and she's working WITH Vidal Sasson now. She said, "I hope you don't mind and I borrowed your design layout you showed me for your shop, for mine." I was thrilled and their is a beautiful shop in Soeul, Korea named the Iris, that I designed... go figure!

My daughter's friend Lew... was fuffing around with Goldsmithing. At the hotel, before we left, I sat with Lew to give him some motherly advice.

I told him. "Stop fucking about with your life. Get on the ball man." I flicked through a magazine and their were several beautiful ads for prominent jewelers in London, that had bases all over the world.

I pointed to the Graff ad and told Lew, "That's where you should be working!"

Guess where he works now? Graff in London. He did it! I told him to write them a letter and ask for a job. He got the interview and he got the job that wasn't there, before he asked for it. They love him!

He is such a character and I guess... so am I.

You are gonna make it. The next Pixar productions is you, my friend. I can see it, and you, in my mind. That's the way I work, a bit of a visionary, I guess.

My eleven year old son just made momma a cup of tea! Merry Christmas everyone again! Life is precious.

Three things I would change...

1) Segregate and isolate all...ALL...pedophiles from societies children. That would pretty much clear up the most corrosive element of society. That would pretty much get rid of every corrupt politician, banker, judge, doctor, teacher, police... and monopoly player going. The rest of the cockroaches would scurry in the light of that ugly truth. Destroy all hard evidence of pedophilia. Let them bastard images burn once and for all time.

2)With all the monopolies broken down... free trade would begin. A gold/silver standard would need to be re-introduced on a global scale. All debt would be absolved, from personal to foreign debt. Also, bank accounts would be irrelavent... not worth the paper the shit has been printed on. A re-distribution of the worlds global assets that have been pillaged. Share the diamonds, share the gold, share the wealth... per capita, per country. Now we can each start building our sovereign nations, protecting our cultures while celebrating others. All utilities must be domestic owned - the days of the CEO circle jerk are OVER! Responsible management of people's necessary assets - utilities. Insurance to be included in the former category. It's a fresh new start! New grass roots people to re-build democracy as it was intended... electing people who care to do a job that must be done diligently and paying a fare wage. I could be wrong and I think we need devolution. The three cities they amalgamated to hide their cookbooks of corruption here, HRM, need to broken down into smaller manageable entities, as before - two cities and a town. A good business friend of mine, said once you are dealing with over ten million...there is too much room for cookbooks and accounting. He is right. Limit the amount and opening accounting available on internet. Cameras in the government halls. Transparency is what is called for to get to a better way of doing things. Honesty. Where are the problems and what needs doing - a parental approach to governing the future.

3)Education. Perhaps with a flat tax of 10 % for all earning over $25,000.00 would provide the necessary funding of schools and hospitals and necessary societal provisions. With the corruption gone, more money would flow from the people's hours spent labouring to the entrepreneur selling his wares. Education would be the priority of society. To give every child a decent basis to develop independent thought and the ability to rationalize situations and create a good life. (Freeman would have a better grasp on the fixing of the finances.)

In conclusion, in my mind - if we got rid of the real sicko's in life - the perv's, worked within an honest open monetary system devoid of debt and usury with transparent governance, and gave all of societies children a really good fun education... the ills of the world would melt away. We'd all be working, we'd all be enjoying our life and our families, and we'd learn to appreciate the differences God created in each and every one of us.

What a beautiful life it would be if we celebrated the goodness and the beauty of life and the difference experiences we have lived - history.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mary XXX
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