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Default Re: Cowardice and Murder - Australians in Vietnam

In the early morning of May 1, 1970, during military ops in Phoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam, without warning Private Dennis Brennan fired a seven round burst from M60 machine gun killing L/Cpl Phillip Goody, and Pte Phillip Earl.

Brennen's burst caught Phil Goody in the left deltoid, the entry wounds forming a group of around forty mm across, they had traveled not so terribly far beneath the skin, and exited in a group between his left shoulder blade and his armpit, leaving a wound about sixty mm long and forty broad.

The same burst had entered Phil Earle in his mid section rear, and exited thru his lower abdominal region, his intestines were protruding and he had lost most of his blood, he died about within twenty seconds.

Hours later after the helicopter evacuation and as the Sun was rising, Brennan said "..if you've got any more we'll kill them too." The case will not be deemed closed until he is hangin' by his neck dead, charged tried and convicted of capital murder, with the other chicken livered cowards who murdered an injured man!
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