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Default Re: Impending Nuclear Attack On America

Actually..the Briefcase Nukes are infact real.

I was informed of "red murcury" some 5-6 years ago..something like that..anyways dig some info up on google.

Scary Shit.

not only the nukes..but bio-weapons ( not to say there not "ours" mind you )

but..I have been working on a theory that involves the number of the beast..and how it is said that most will agree this..and if they do not get this number ( IN forhead or In right hand..hmm..why not the left hand ? ) will be BEHEADED.

Now think..does a nuke attack make you want to do it ? nooo. However..a super bug might..

Consider..( I know..I use a lot of ".." )

A Super Bug comes out. Now were not talking AIDS catagory..were talking REAL instant global killer. ( you know..something soo scary that would make a nation or two nuke an area of the world to prevent spread of this thing )

Vaccination..might propell us into gettin micro chipped to prove that you are vaccinated ( you know..we have the tech now..why not use that in a (laugh)" good way.

Who would want you in there buy or sell anything..without the proof that your clean..

Im still working on this so please be kind...
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