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Default Re: The Saddest Part About This War...

Ok..I got a little pissed on this one ...

I really hope you never have to goto Iraq/Afganistan and ask the females how free they were!

IF I knew one sister of mine over there that got beaten,limbs cut off,beheaded or even worse because they were seen showing there face.. then I pesonally would pick up an M16 and shoot all those sick "controlling fanatasist wackos" in the head !

You really have no clue of what others around the world have to go through day to day do you BA !

Have you seen IT ?????

I suspect NO because your so narowminded on the rest of the world that you talk the talk..but you cant walk it !

OH..unless your suggesting that the rest of the World turn a blind eye to a few couple families in the world that wants freedom and peace ( that I might suggest you take for granted )

and dont even spew your crap that you know everything involved about NWO and there mind controll shiite ! there are Freaking know .. living beings that are out there with no voice that get shot/dismembared/raped/families wiped out/other sick shit that YOU never had the privilage to live through !

If you dont like this country ..the get the hell out of IT !!

thats my Patriotic saying.
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