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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911


I hate when this happens. Must leave this here because it's just knawing at me and I'm not making any progress.

- Heat seeking missiles;

- They guided the aircraft to remote locations;


As far as NORAD, they have moved 200 NORAD personnel to FAA over the past years to operate radar.

As far as NORAD, they did not protect our skies on that fateful day when there were four jets hijacked and off-course.

Did FAA notify them?

If not, why not?

If not, they obviously have eyes to see.

That is their job!

They were complict and had to be in order to affect a STANDDOWN

Don't tell me they rely totally on the FAA to protect us from "imminent threat of danger."

So, Meyers testified that NORAD ordered jets to scramble at 9:03 A.M., but none left the ground until after the Pentagon "missile" hit at 9:40 A. M.

Now, after we knew we were under attack when two jets hit the towers and the controlled detonated explosion occurred, shouldn't NORAD have ordered the Washington area protected?

They have ways of forcing stray jets to land.

They perform this task all through the year, but not on 911.

Who was conducting exercise that day?

I've been informed it wasn't NORAD, as I thought, and that the FAA was involved in some exercises and we're suppose to believe this is why our skies were unprotected?

However, if you search for information, you'll find two versions from NORAD as to the times they sent fighter jets into the skies.

We were under attack when? at 8:45 A.M. and there was no protective cover for Washington at any point during this invasion until 9:40 A.M.

NORAD has remote control capabilities.

They can control an aircraft from the ground.

Heat seeking missile into the Pentagon.

No aircraft debrie.

So, TB, could a heat seeking missile from an air force jet have caused the damage?

Some witnesses say they saw what appeared to be a military aircraft in the area.

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