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Default Re: New Computer Blues - Apple Mac and Windows Are Not Compatible :(

Update ..

I had bought a Canon MG2560 printer at the same time as the Apple Mac computer, the salesman said it scanned perfectly so it stayed on after the compu went back.

It suffers from the same problem ie it makes huge files, insofar as an A5 document scanned to become a file 4500 x 5400 pixels, as well the manual that arrives with the download is useless.

The installation put nineteen icons on my compu desktop, while the "My Image Garden" software has a pop up feature which puts pedo images onto the desktop upon start, feedback from sales ppl degenerated to the same bullsh*t the enquirer above received, re software and DPI's!
Then contacting a computer specialist, who assured one all multi function printer scanners do the same, that there is no way around the problem, while the document scanners available which do the job start at around 1000 dollar$.

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