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Default Ex Australian PM Called "The Man Who Knocked off Whitlam!"

Former Australian Prime Minister B'nai B'rith Member Malcolm Fraser, Called "The Man Who Knocked off Whitlam!"

Whitlam at left with Fraser in 2012, Kerr p*ssed as a fart at the 1977 Melbourne Cup.

Gough Whitlam was deposed as PM in November 1975, in a putsch organized by career CIA op Marshal Green then US Ambassador to Australia, aided by alcoholic Governor General Judge John Kerr

Left, the 4th of July 1975, Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (centre) celebrates American Independence Day at a function with US Ambassador Marshall Green at right. Right MG US ambassador to Indonesia between 1965 and 1968 with President Sukarno.

Marshall Green was US Ambassador to Indonesia, when President Sukarno abdicated in favor of General Suharto in March 1967, in a move that led to the murder of at least a half million alleged Communists.

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