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Default Re: I Think Karl Rove Should be OUTED!!!

Rove's attorney accuses Cooper of spinning the story. HA!!

I guess the "spin doctors" would know all about that.

I think they've committed SPIN!!

Very weak point made is that Cooper brought up the subject first.


Are they in grade school. Nah, nah, nah, you brought it up first.

The fact of the matter is this. No matter which way they "spin" it, Karl Rove gave up Valerie Plume's cover.

What? Did he think that Valerie Plume without agency status could authorize a trip to Niger for her husband?

I still want to know why NOVAK hasn't been grilled???

The two other reporters (one jailed) and NOVAK, nothing??

He is the one who originally OUTTED Valerie.


Who was your source NOVAK?

How come Rove doesn't spell his name with a "C?" Doesn't have anything to do with the German spelling, does it?
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