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Default Re: What Is The EU Up To?


You couldn't be any more depressing, now could you??????????????????????????????

Fight the fight, and stop moaning in between!!

Just kidding, ya, old man!!

Anyway, I looked at the link and the article about Powell joining an investment firm caught ME eye.

He is now going to be their "strategic" advisor and although the company is located in Silicon Valley, Powell will remain in Washington.

This company helped bring AOL, Amazon and SunMicrosystems public.

WOW!! All those years in government and who would have thunk that Powell had a degree in investment banking.

Oh, well.

What the hell do I know????

He does know strategy, though, I'm sure!!!

See what a nice cushy government job will get ya when you retire.

But, no, I couldn't settle for that now, could I??
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