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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

Has any one linked sexual orientation and the amount of estrogen/testosterone ingested
un-naturally on a day to day scale?

For instance we have female contraceptives being used and flushed down the toilet.
Fish near some Colo. plants found with male-female tissue
DENVER (AP) Fish with both male and female sex tissue have been discovered near Colorado wastewater treatment plants on the South Platte River and Boulder Creek.
Scientists are trying to determine if chemicals that disrupt hormones, such as estrogen, are responsible for the gender-bending phenomenon.

Now this is not new it has been happening ever since "the pill" has been on the market.

I am not sure nor do I care if they have ever "mapped out" the gay/queer/homosexual percentage of any given population in any country
I am sure that the increase of homosexuality is chemically induced. This ,for the NWO types, goes
great for their population control scheme.
( testosterone would be the female equivalent )
Gay people do not make babies.
They can adopt or have donor sperm or "carrier" moms.

If two people can find a long lasting love on this crazy world , should anyone really care if they are the same sex?
The flip side to long lasting love is the promiscuous life style. That is where any concern should lie. The "players" and "sluts" be it heterosexual or homosexual seems to be the new
"thing" A constant bombardment from multi media
portraying this kind of behaviour as acceptable.
In the year 2000+ What is a good 1st date? Go to the doctor to get some blood work and find out if you have any S.T.D's??
The people who need the most help are bi-sexuals
That life style is usually drug infested and wreckless.
Like the good doctor said
heterosexuals are the new jews

Oh yeah 1 more thing .. if you ever see a "gay" person with a pink pyrimad tattoo on them.... That was a Nazi concentration camp arm band worn by the gay population and they probably got executed along side the mentally ill and the physically handi capped.
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