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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911

Where was flight 93 heading?

Did it purposely miss its' target so that a "military show of power" could be achieved??

Was it a distraction?

You know, reports of another "hijacked" aircraft on the loose helped keep the "terror" alive in all of us waiting to see if and when it might strike.

If it wasn't a distraction, I can't figure out why the hell it missed it's target.

So, I've come to my OWN conclusion that it was a distraction.

I mean, the other two hit the towers with speed, precision and accuracy.

'm not saying they were passenger jets.

The "imaginary" jet that went through the Pentagon and left a small hole, disintegrated into thin air.

No fuselage, nothing.

If a Jet DID NOT HIT THE PENTAGON, where did it go?

On another note.

Since 911, there have been three small aircraft that have made their way near the White House.


It's that easy.

The airspace around our country's governmental body is unprotected to the point that any ole' person can fly their small plane into that airspace.

Or, was that a show of "military alert" and readiness since 911 or, the usual freakin' military, NORAD and government incompetance?

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