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Default Report from Rightnation

An experiment of sorts. Under the same moniker I registered over at Curious bunch of brownshirts over there, reminds me of a sort of high school clique you know, the jock, nerds, that sort of little kids games. Under the "war on terror" , the "mother of all connections" you will find my post. Knew that would cut right to the chase. Right off the bat you do not have full rights until after your first ten posts. That way they know you are "all right" and in the proper frame of mind to echo the state propaganda. It really was like an alternate universe with manly man type names. Sturm Ruger "The liberal slayer" and others like tears of the liberals. Congratulations to me!! I got kicked off on my second post!! Debate, open minds, logic, reason, argument do not exist there. Just we otta nuke alla dem sand niggers an dem commie fag liberals otta be in gitmo or sum oda place lahk dat.
And they called moi a moonbat!

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