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Default Masonic Monkey See….. Masonic Monkey Do

Masonic Monkey See….. Masonic Monkey Do

Masons can't read - won't read. The masons (useful puppets for the rich crooks) don't understand nothing except masonic diatribe. They only listen to other masons who are then gifted with stupid, grandiose titles like "Most Grand Worshipful Master of the Idaho Sewage Works", etc. The Masonic Monkey actually believes this crap, he/she will perform freely for their whole lives. They will force their offspring in to this gang. They pay membership fees to be taught about mythological false gods.

Freekmasons thrive on the abuse of your trust. They constantly mess with people's heads. Eventually, the masons will convince you that black is really white. They tell you how wonderful they are in the Rothschild (masonic puppet masters) media.

Every penny donated or generated goes into the masonic war chest. Did you know that the 9th degree mason swears an oath to kill for freemasonry?. The only way to get the deranged masonic 9th degree is to kill. Do you know any high ranking freemasons?. Do you know local person who was murdered or has disappeared?.

These freemasons murdered our son but the criminal "Police Scotland" are doing everything in their masonic power to stop us from getting justice. Even the masons within Rothschild's media have been instructed to ignore us. Masonic Monkey no see, no do, no brain (fact). Here in Glasgow the ignorant taxpayers lined the street to treat the local Firefighters (100% freemasons) as heros. They put out a fire inside a building, they were doing the job they were paid to do. These blinkered taxpayers have no idea who gives them their daily bread.

The number 77 to freemasons means Cain - Death (more later). Research online "7/7 Ripple Effect".

All freemasons can only communicate from behind closed doors or from behind the curtains (internet), ain't that rite (Scottish or York Rite?), Mr mason?. Trust me, only God can (and will) sort out this evil.

Message to evil….. No water - No life.

Love, peace and FR33DOM. Joe Stirling Christie

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