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Default Re: Masonic Monkey See….. Masonic Monkey Do

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
The motto of the anti-Mason.

No, Masons just don't buy your BS. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't.

I freely stay in Freemasonry because there is nothing wrong with Freemasonry.

No one is forced to join the Masons. LOL Silly rabbit.

And what do we teach about "mythological false gods"?

There's no such thing.

No we don't. LOL

False as well.

Uh huh

Yes, you poor poor victim.

1) You don't like firefighters? 2) How do you know they are 100% Masons? That's statistically impossible, but hey it could happen. What Lodge do they all belong to? How do you know they are Masons?
Waw! ksicmason, this one really touched a nerve, eh? Many thanks for the vindication. I am assuming you understood the post, did you?.

I have told you I do not hate masons or even firefighters, I hate corruption, ignorance and derangement. Also the fact that you disagree that you have been conned by the criminal elite. False gods such jahbulon-baal-moloch-luci-satan-el diablo- (too many too list here). Incidentally, yes masons are bullied/conned/forced into joining freemasonry. I previously posted the link written by ex-masons.

Notice how YOU use reverse psychology. Notice how YOU try to muster up support from your pretend brothers?. Notice how YOU judge?. Notice how you speak on their behalf, can't they speak for themselves?. See how YOU demand answers, but nobody knows who YOU are. So here we have a solo masonic monkey demanding to see evidence. YOU also want to examine our proof from behind the curtains. Perhaps YOU will sent us your reasonable/logical opinion.

Yes ksicmason, of course there is nothing wrong with freekmasonry, does anyone believe you?. O' Father why do I try to help the masons?. Would you like me to point out the abnormalities and delusions from your blogs?. Or I may decide to just ignore you. Or perhaps I shall continue to teach the TRUTH. Everything posted online is saved by satan and his tempted.
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