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Default Re: Masonic Monkey See….. Masonic Monkey Do

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
Waw! ksicmason, this one really touched a nerve, eh? Many thanks for the vindication. I am assuming you understood the post, did you?
To touch a nerve you'd have to say something true that bothered me.

I have told you I do not hate masons or even firefighters, I hate corruption, ignorance and derangement.
And yet you say we are evil and blah blah blah.

Also the fact that you disagree that you have been conned by the criminal elite.

False gods such jahbulon-baal-moloch-luci-satan-el diablo- (too many too list here).
And yet none of these are called referred to as gods in Freemasonry.

Incidentally, yes masons are bullied/conned/forced into joining freemasonry.
No you're not.

I previously posted the link written by ex-masons.
I'm sure they are riveting.

Notice how YOU try to muster up support from your pretend brothers?
Pretend? No they are very real.

Notice how YOU judge?
Just pointing out the facts and making an analysis based on them.

Notice how you speak on their behalf, can't they speak for themselves?
Well, they are not members of this forum, now are they?

See how YOU demand answers, but nobody knows who YOU are.
What does that matter? You want to know about me?

So here we have a solo masonic monkey demanding to see evidence.
And not getting any.

Yes ksicmason, of course there is nothing wrong with freekmasonry, does anyone believe you?
I don't care, but I don't base my morality on the misguided opinions of others.

O' Father why do I try to help the masons?
I wouldn't call what you do "helping".

Would you like me to point out the abnormalities and delusions from your blogs?
Sure. I am not ashamed or fear what I posted on my website.

Or perhaps I shall continue to teach the TRUTH.
To continue you have to start teaching the truth in the first place.

Everything posted online is saved by satan and his tempted.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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