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Daniel your opinions show that you have thought about these things quite a bit. However, i believe that your "christian instruction" was done poorly. You do not have a great grasp on scripture. Furthermore, i can look through he bible and select key verses which will back up my opinion. Thats not hard to do. When making an arguement from scripture it is important to use multiple verses and see the whole scope of the bible. As for your arguement regarding national geographic, don't you think they are controlled by the same people which we are discussing here on this forum. Obviously, they would have an agenda. Why else would christianity constantly be under attack these days? If our "leaders" knew it was false why would they let people constantly try to disprove it? Wouldnt they just let us live in our ignorance? If they had planned to use it to make us sheep, why is it such a danger to them? As for praying to Jesus- I do not- but falcon aptly observed your lack of understanding of the Trinity. Also, christians believe the Jews WERE the chosen people. If they believe they still are they are being misled. The Jews broke their covenant with God and so he gave Jesus to the world so that whoever would follow Him would become one of the "chosen". As far as turning the other cheek, youre just giving your opinion on what you think "righteous" means. It is far easier to to hit someone back than to restain yourself. That is righteous. As for the physical impossibility of a virgin conceiving, there can be no proof of that. Faith is something that asks you to accept things which you cannot understand. This is one of those things. And God did not commit aldultery, LOL. Thats to assume there was intercourse involved. A comment which does not even deserve another. If you would like me to quote piles upon piles of verses to back up what i say i will. But its taking me long enough to write as it is. And do not believe the science of man. Not that man hasnt discovered useful things. But, scientists are in the business of proving themselves right at any cost, even if they have to disregard other findings which disprove theirs. Not only that, but the powers that be have a great interest in getting man to believe in the power of man. That is pride. Satans sin. and he wants us to be just like him. But one who has looked into conspiracy theories should know all that.
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