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Default Re: There was a brief Thunderstorm overhead.

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I made an analysis based on your "writings."

Stated, but not proven.

Nope, just a computer, like you.
Yes monkey, YOUR analysis.
Not proven yet. We made sure every politician and newspaper in the UK and US know about our Son's murder.
Just a computer? WTF? my personal details are all over the Net.

Cannot believe your heartless replies. None of your debates have ever made any sense. You seriously need help. NOTICE how you always ignore the bit about you hiding behind the curtains.

You are an idiot and the masons won a prize when you and your father joined this world's biggest gang of Pedophiles, Murderers and Drug dealers.

I will not have any further debate with a dead tree. You are the most boring masonic monkey I have come across. But I also know it is all masonic tactics to gaslight (sow seeds and lies) and to waste time (black is really white). Here in the UK, they would call you a complete tosser.

All masonic monkeys should You Tube "Tra la la" by the Banana Bunch
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