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Default Re: Only 2 Freemasons left in the Lodge

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Then a Lodge couldn't exist.


Besides your word what evidence do you have.

You probably have a criminal record.

Actually even with the British witch-hunt it proved that very few were actually Masons; this includes Judges/Magistrates.


It's probably due to your character not because of your perceptions of them being Masons.

You don't use Mason with Eastern Star as that title doesn't accompany that organization.

Sad to hear that a child died.

WHAT?! Talking to you is like talking to a baby, except babies don't have dumb ideas yet.

Then post it. You've been saying this for a while and you have yet to prove anything, it has all been just empty words.

Blah blah as you hide behind the curtains
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