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Default Re: Physics Forum against free speech

I'll drink to that.
You'll drink to anything.

I think it's just simply timing. No one in authorities seen it. I bet they want to keep the whacky "conspiricy theorists" out of the forum.

I bet they were a little pissed and hoped you'd just go away.

They see another post...tempered, and seemingly sincere...and just hope, if they ignore it, NOTHING will happen.

How about people start sending in REALLY subtle, sincere sounding replies like..."yeh, i always wondered about that too. Maybe there's was a design fault and they're trying to avoid litigation. Is it possible the Steele used was not smelted and tempered in the correct fashion. This is an importent subject that needs to be addressed. Can anyone with Metallurgical or engineering qualifacations please help?"

HA ha ha we can have some fun with them. Real subtle like.

Who's in?
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