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It is of course a nonsense to continue pillaging the limited natural resources as does the current ultra-liberal logic of "evergrowing" consumerism. The "solution" of the international elite controlled think thanks (like the Club de Rome)is:

1/ Reduce the world`s population.
2/ Reduce the non-renewable resources/energy consumation.

In fact this international elite is itself the problem since owning the corporations and the banking system which is propagating the culture of hyper-consumation.

Since the sixties, independent specialists have well demonstrated that this planet could easily feed a population of seven billion people or even more. One of the main problem is that the giant corporations have destroyed the agricultural independency of the so-called Third-World countries. Of course, those people who produced their own food before but lost their fields (see the Brazilian or the Indian cases) to became unemployed or employed at misery salaries cannot buy the food produced by the corporations. This doesn`t mean the planet couldn`t feed them but that the ultra-liberal system of the monopolist corporations destroys the independent small farmers who could compete with their products on the local urban market-places while in the same time these corporations refuse to feed those who can`t pay in cash.

The New World Order is tailored to the giant corporations. Their only logic is money-making. Thus, they need to consume all the natural resources they can find. When an NGO like the Club de Rome, more or less indirectly financed by those who own the giant corporations, says "reduce the consumation of the non-renewable resources", this means prevent the non-industrialised societies to develop since most of the natural resources are on their territories. Logically, these resources would be used by the locals to develop their own industry instead of leaving the international giant corporations pillaging these resources. That`s why the corporations need to corrupt the governments of these countries and, if this isn`t enough, destroy them.

The only solution for the planet is to get rid of the dictatorship of the man-eater corporations and international bankers and apply the solidarity/sharing/compassion values given us since thousand years by people as Moses (3.500 years) Jesus (2.000 years) or Mahomet (1.400 years), among others less known.
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