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Default Re: The Saddest Part About This War...

I really hope you never have to go to Iraq/Afganistan and ask the females how free they were!
Yes, the Taliban were indeed arseholes...put their by the West. It would pay to put it in least their WAS order. As long as you did'nt fly kites or show your face at least you knew where you stood. Men who raped women were also hung.

Prior to the Taliban life was COMPLETE hell as opposed to 1/3 hell.

Now Afghanistan (outside of Kabul) is on it's way back to COMPLETE hell.

We would do well to remember Afghanistan before the rise of the Western sponsored Mujahadeen and the Soviet "invasion". I have NO love of Communism, however, the Soviets put 5 billion U.S dollars into that place. Roads, schools, Universities, Dams and other vital infrastructure. Life was good. Women taught in Universities and walked the streets and drank coffee in the cafes. The government was secular and people practised their religion freely. Greenery from the water infrastructure abounded...and then came along a little "C" called
Zbigniew Brzezinski - CFR member and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission. Under Carter he set up that little terrorist group called the Mujahadeed and bragged later that he alone had "suckered" the Soviets in.

This is the little "white shirted" arsehole that needs to be hung from the neck until dead.

Through a well spoken, quiet little chap from Europe, an entire people were PLUNGED into chaos! He is SOLEY responsible (on the surface) for the deaths of how many? Just one of the usual suspects...alot of them co-incidently...European.

That is the basic background of Afghanistan.

As for Iraq? Here are the EASILY found and GENERALLY accepted facts about the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein...

Firstly, put their by the West. As usual, the usual suspects.

Saddam then proceeded to swagger around a little, nationalising this and that and having the GALL!!! to pronounce the oil under the Iraqi feet the property of ALL Iraqi's!!!! What a wanker little sand nigga!!!!!!! I bet a few Bankers choked on their Cognac and suffered some palpitations when that was going on. Luckily they were all sitting in Chesterfield lounges so no stains remained from the spilt Cognac.

Saddam then proceeded to BRUTALLY build schools, universities, state of the art hospitals and raise the standard of living for ALL Iraqi's including the oft persecuted Shi'ite's. Iraqi's had one of the highest standards of living in the world and by ANY measure outstripped ALL the benchmarks of a civilized society. They left the U.S in the dust where you are certainly remain poor and without health care.

Anyone from the Middle East could go to Iraq and attend Universities for free.

Women had COMPLETE freedom, the government was secular with MANY women in the parliament and Saddam had a CHRISTIAN deputy Tariq Azzis.

Was he brutal? YES. Thats the way it's done in the tribal Middle East. Just as the Shi'ite's would have been to the Sunni's if the situation was reversed. If you did'nt want to end up DISSAPEARED in was real easy to avoid it...dont plot against the ruling tyrant. And plenty of people plotted and suffered the consequences not because they LOVED freedom but because they hated Saddam and wanted power for themselves.

Iran and Iraq were then suckered into a draining war with each other...the bankers FAVOURITE trick.

Be VERY carful when listening to the utter trip from the media that Saddam had you beaten for having a more handsome moustache than him.

Would you care to comment on the rest of America's lovely allies in the Middle East like the Saudi's and the Kuwaiti's?

Like all power lovers, Saddam was an arsehole. But, he was an arsehole that let you know EXACTLY where you stood. We in the West have many arseholes who we venerate as hero's like that fascist little bastard Churchill and manny others. Stalin killed millions but we hear but a passing mention of him.

Iraq is in ruins because of the Western banking establishments and their lackeys who own and run the planet. Saddam recieved his notice of "Termination Of Employment" due to his inability to do what white men told him but refused to leave the were called and...Simple.

there are Freaking know .. living beings that are out there with no voice that get shot/dismembared/raped/families wiped out/other sick shit that YOU never had the privilage to live through !
Yes, the Iraqi's under the U.S occupation sure are doing it hard I agree with you on that.

If you dont like this country ..the get the hell out of IT !!
Daily yelled at U.S forces in Iraq.
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