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Default Re: US Casualties Put At Double Official Figures.

Depends what you mean by accurate.

%10 off.

20% off.

200% more?

Roughly 150,000 are in Iraq.

5000 dead and 15,000 injured (what i've heard) would be a casualty rate of %13 which is EXTREMELY high for a "mere" insurgency.

In contrast, the German army suffered 500,000 casualties from a 3 million man army in the first year of Operation Barbarossa...the Invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Thats a %16 casualty rate.

This was a war of continuous mobile operations. A VERY brutal and non-stop affair.

The invasion of the beaches of Normandy were expected to produce a casualty rate of %10+...they ended up at the 3-5% rate.

Can you see what I mean?

The numbers actually look reasonable to me at around 13,000 injured and 1600 dead over a period of 3 years. Thats a casualty rate of around %10 unadjusted for the time in theater. More like 3-5% over all. That is what you would expect for an intense counter insurgency.

I have no privelidged knowledge. I think the anti-war movement is barking up a possible non-existent tree here.

Sorry. My numbers are not EXACTLY adding up but you will get the picture. I expect the number of dead to be the figure people are looking for and it would be better to focuss only on those figures but I dont have them for Normandy or Barbarossa.

5000 dead is an awful lot. I dont believe it.
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