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Default Re: US Casualties Put At Double Official Figures.

I'm not talking percentages here, TB.

I'm talking about almost 2,000 dead reported. Now, if the number is 2,000 more than that, I don't give a CRAP what the percentage is for the war and if it is justifiable or not due to the insurgency, etc.

It's not justifiable for them to lie to us about the number of those killed in combat, wounded in combat.

That is the problem I have with it. It's not about percentages, as far as I'm concerned.

"The numbers actually look reasonable to me at around 13,000 injured and 1600 dead over a period of 3 years. Thats a casualty rate of around %10 unadjusted for the time in theater. More like 3-5% over all. That is what you would expect for an intense counter insurgency."

The numbers look reasonable!!!!

Okay, you're thinking in terms of the kind of battle that is being fought.

I'm think in terms of none of the numbers being reasonable because BUSH invaded a country based on lies!!!
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