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Default Re: US Casualties Put At Double Official Figures.

truebeliever wrote:
When I was 19 I was as dumb and ignorent as any.

I am now 34.

There was No internet when I was a lad. NO anti-war movement and NO Michael Moore making millions with extremely popular "reasonable" attempts at exposing a prat called Bush.

You join the army to be a hitman for're a fucking idiot.

The MArines are a death cult. Do you understand? Get your son out if you are serious about the truth.

There is NO honour in the armed forces...NONE, ZIP, NADDA and I have no time for whiny brats who dont have the courage to refuse to serve in a murderous war for capital and control.

A country is best served by pointing out it's faults.

The ability to shut your mouth and do as you're told is not honourable. Only weak minded fools join the armed forces in this day and age of open deciet.

GAWD DAMNIT, now you have totally ruined my day, TB.

You and others have to have some sympathy for those who are "brainwashed" from cradle to grave and do not know the truth about our government and their military.

It has been reported to me that they make "killing machines" out of them. It has been reported to me about the legislation trying to get through re the draft. It has been reported to me about the inaccurate numbers of dead and wounded. It has been reported to me that he and others know what is going on. He has his own brain, his own mind!!

EVERY Freakin' day, I kick myself for not demanding he steer clear of the Marines; however, they have very good recruitment officers who make it sound like money in your pocket. Not that he even needed the money. We're not poor, thankfully. We're not starving.

I think, being my son and knowing what I know gives him an advantage.

He is more enlightened than you may believe.

He would not allow me to interfere in "getting him out."

I have to grit my teeth and bare it for another couples of years.

Two to be precise.

I hear you about it being a death cult, and I have no grip with you there, but, TB, not everyone who is in the Marines is as easily manipulated as others might be.

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