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Default Re: US Casualties Put At Double Official Figures.


Every American soldier who has fought in this war and who has been wounded should sue the government. The families of those who have been killed should sue the government.

OF course, this would only include those who know the truth about this "unjust" war.


how many families do you think there are who have loved ones in the military and know they were used for "immoral" purposes?

Our government put these men and women in harm's way without legitimate reasons. They used them for purposes which do not encompass their oath, their job description. There job is to protect America and her people and not the oil interests in Iraq and/or other countries. Their job is not to bring freedom to other countries through war under the government's propaganda machine of democracy. That, is not their job!!!

Our government put these men and women in harm's way based on LIES, "false" intelligence that they created in order to invade Iraq.

They knew there weren't any WMD's, they knew Saddam was not an imminent threat of danger to our shores, they knew he wasn't trying to purchase uranium and they knew there wasn't any connection to Al-Qaeda and 911.

What could be more clear? An elephant standing in your living room?
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