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Default Re: Only one freemason left in the lodge

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
Only one freemason left in the lodge

He calls himself KSigmason and a thousand other names. You can find him all over the Net defending the criminal, pedophile, drug dealing and murdering masons.
So this forum is a "lodge"? I'm not the only Mason, there are millions of Masons around the world. I don't go by thousand other names. I have used KSigMason since 2006 (when I joined both the Freemasons and the Kappa Sigma fraternity) prior to that I used IDARNG_Loki.

Here is a recent post from KSigmason:

"You can ban Freemasonry, jail me, hurt me, attack me, and/or kill me, but as long as I still draw breath I will continue to be a Mason and will continue to meet with other Masons because I have basic human rights and I will not bow down to ignorance and hatred".
And I don't regret what I said, my rights are not overridden by your ignorance or paranoia.

KSigmason absolutely refuses to accept the truth about his wonderfool organisation.
No I embrace the truth and I see the truth through years of research (prior to joining included), and real life experience within Freemasonry.

Everybody has apparently got it wrong about his pretend brotherhood, only KSigmason is right.
So you represent everybody who isn't a Mason? Such hubris. No, I don't say everybody has it wrong, I say YOU have it wrong. Not everyone believes as you do nor is anti-Masonry some massive movement. It's a bunch of keyboard jockeys who bitch on forums, spread lies, and commit acts of petty vandalism on Masonic property. You guys are a joke.

If you want to educate yourself, just read any of his online replies to see how the masons mess about with your logic and reasoning.
My posts often show that your posts have no logic or reason.

In the UK, the criminal freemasons mostly use the false name Richard Head. The shortened-name for Richard is Dick, hence Dick Head. You can just shorten it to DH.
Do they now? You say it, but you have never proven anything you've said.

If you ever communicate with a deranged mason online who insists on hiding behind the masonic curtains and won't tell you his real name, just thank him and call him DH (smile).
I did give you my real name, you only needed to click on a single link.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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