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Default Re: Only one freemason left in the lodge

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
So this forum is a "lodge"? I'm not the only Mason, there are millions of Masons around the world. I don't go by thousand other names. I have used KSigMason since 2006 (when I joined both the Freemasons and the Kappa Sigma fraternity) prior to that I used IDARNG_Loki.

And I don't regret what I said, my rights are not overridden by your ignorance or paranoia.

No I embrace the truth and I see the truth through years of research (prior to joining included), and real life experience within Freemasonry.

So you represent everybody who isn't a Mason? Such hubris. No, I don't say everybody has it wrong, I say YOU have it wrong. Not everyone believes as you do nor is anti-Masonry some massive movement. It's a bunch of keyboard jockeys who bitch on forums, spread lies, and commit acts of petty vandalism on Masonic property. You guys are a joke.

My posts often show that your posts have no logic or reason.

Do they now? You say it, but you have never proven anything you've said.

I did give you my real name, you only needed to click on a single link.
Hahahaha same old masonic bull from behind the curtains, you don't exist.
Thank you soooooooo much DH
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