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Default Re: Only one freemason left in the lodge

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Well I belong to Freemasonry, not a murderous gang. Plus, I am very real: I was born out of the acts of my mother and father, I have a body, I have a life outside of this site (I know, I know, I'm sure you think I think about you day and night), and exhibit all the signs of living and reality.

I sure did. I gave you a link that possessed the answer. It's not my fault you are, for some reason, incapable of clicking it. You must truly dread the truth and fact. I've never seen someone so reluctant to do the smallest task, but rather wants others to just give it to them. Then again, anti-Masons often display symptoms of entitlement syndrome.

I answered it with this:

How have I used "lots of names"? I have never occupied a site using multiple names. Like I said before, since 2006, I have only ever used KSigMason as my online handle/username for reasons which I gave.

Last I checked, the accuser is the one burdened to prove his accusations, not the accused. Prove I don't.
Same masonic shit, different bucket. Thank you DH
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