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Default Re: Freemasonry - The Worship of Lucifer-SATAN Part 2 of 5

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Actually the Square & Compasses would be the most recognizable Masonic symbol in the world. The Double-Headed Eagle is relevant only to the Scottish Rite. Plus, this link gives us its interpretations of the symbols and that is not really that relevant.

The phoenix has never been the national bird of the US. In fact, had Franklin had his way, the national bird would have been the turkey.

We don't refer to our initiates as "born again." George Bush (both of them) was not and is not a Mason.

Bill Schoebelen has been proven to be a liar and called out. He invented a resume of being a Catholic Mormon Witch Mason Satanist Vampire. Anyone who listens to this fool is an even bigger fool and deserves to be misled. He is a hoaxer and a modern version of a pied piper. He particularly lies when he refers to Hiram Abiff as the "Masonic Christ" since we have no messianic figures.

Hall also wrote that book decades before ever joining the Masons. Nor is any of these quotes from official ritual. Why is it that none of these "christians" ever use actual ritual, but do poor cut-and-paste jobs with opinions of authors. This link is nothing more religious fundamentalism and utter bullshit.
You are not self-opnionated are you? Fact is that all masons hiding behind the masonic curtains spew utter bullshit in defence of murderers, drug dealers and pedophiles who are freemasons.

You cannot even print your REAL name on this forum. Seven years you have been avoiding this issue. You keep saying you already told me, where did you tell me? which thread or post?.

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